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Preventive Maintenance of HVAC Units

Hoover Heating & Air in Valrico, Florida, provides preventive maintenance services for heating and air conditioning units twice a year to make sure your system is ready for the season. With our services, your heating is ready for the winter, and your air conditioning is ready for the summer.

Man Repairing

Checks & Balances

This preventative maintenance service is for anyone who has an HVAC unit, especially if your equipment is getting old. Trying to get it fixed only when the issues arise means repairs can take longer. This service includes cleaning the evaporators and condenser coils, as well as checking refrigeration levels, and adding refrigerant if needed. The latter comes with an extra charge. We also clean and adjust the blower component to provide better airflow while checking if it gets low, or if it has leaks. Our staff members also check the following for wear and tear, and lubricate as needed:

Blower | Condenser Motor | Compressor Amp | Drain Cleaning | Fan Blades | Coils | Cabinets & Associated Tubing | Filters | Electrical Heat & Emergency Heat (Heat Pump) | Wiring & Connections

Benefits of Maintenance

The benefit of this service is knowing your system will be ready to go for the season. In addition, it extends the life of the system and increases its efficiency as well. Normally priced at $60, we are currently offering this service for $45 from now until December 31, 2015.

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